How to Make Car Travel Fun

How to Make Car Travel FunEach year, families jump into their cars and head off on a road trip vacation. Within minutes the kids start getting bored riding in the car and you are left with the
headache of trying to make their travel experience fun before they start to pick on each other.

Here are some suggestions to keep your ride fun, peaceful and the ever dreaded question of “are we there yet?”.

1. Play the alphabet game. – Children at reading age and above can play this game. There are a few variations for this game. Starting with the first letter of the alphabet, A – Find this letter on signs, billboards or license plates, but the word must start with the letter A with a name like Applebees. Continue to the letter B for example: If you drive past a Burger King restaurant, then you have your B, and can begin looking for C. Of course you can make up the rules to your liking depending on the age of your children. The key is that you must find these letters in sequence.

2. Another

Quebec Winter Travel Fun

Quebec Winter Travel FunCanada’s Quebec is a beautiful place to visit all year round, but especially so in winter, when the countryside is blanketed in snow, and the cultured cities (hello Montreal!) brighten up with special festivals, performances, and fun.

For a traditional skiing vacation at a great value, Quebec’s Mont Tremblant can’t be beat. With a wide variety of trails, a pretty, pedestrian-only village, and the tourist infrastructure of Whistler/Blackcomb (thanks to the same parent company) with a tenth of the crowds at a tenth of the costs, it’s definitely a contender for Canada’s best East Coast resort.

A close proximity to Montreal also makes it a cinch to combine a skiing vacation with some shopping and culture.

If you’re lucky enough to be near Quebec City around the beginning of February, be sure to make time for the city’s incredible Winter Carnival. Fun for travelers and locals of all ages and interests, this carnival offers ice sculptures, parades, canoe races across the frozen St. Lawrence, and an impressive castle of ice.

For a unique hotel experience,

Las Vegas Travel Fun Filled Trip

Las Vegas Travel - Fun-Filled TripExcitement, entertainment and fun- when these three things come together, you are definitely looking for Las Vegas. World famous comedians, circuses, performances and musical appearance simply take this place to another level. It has become a favorite destination for those who have just got married. Many would be couples are also showing their interest in this place so that they can tie the knot in Vegas, in a royal style. If you are planning for a fun filled travel then this is your chance. For the newly married couples there are many low budget plans introduced recently. You can available various services from them and also can go for a trip to Las Vegas. The cost will be included in the charge you are paying to the hotel. That means you need to pay nothing extra for the romantic trip.

Many people want the total package for the vacation. The wish list includes travel costs, hotel costs and many other things. But that is surely not the case. Obviously you can get a discount, but you

How to Make Family Travel Fun This Christmas

How to Make Family Travel Fun This ChristmasFestive seasons are here again. The highly awaited Christmas and New Year holidays are about to be celebrated. This time also provides a good opportunity for family and friends to bond. But how do you make your holiday fun while travelling with your whole family? Yes, it can be very frustrating travelling with your kids, especially if you haven’t taken time to plan. But planning in advance can make your family holidays this Christmas very enjoyable for everyone.

The following are some tips to make your family vacation this festive season a happy one:

First, prepare a list of all items you need. This will include first aid kit, food, snacks, drinks, and plenty of toys, coloring books, paper and colored pencils, a portable DVD player so your kids can watch their favorite movies, and a possibly a portable refrigerator.

If the trip is going to be long, be sure to carry favorite games to keep children busy and avoid bored on the journey.

Also, if you have very young children, remember to take all necessary utensils for cleaning

Travel With Children

Travel With ChildrenVacation packing for kids is a challenge – you need to find a balance between bringing it all and not bringing enough. Space is always a concern so here are 5 simple things you should never leave home without and that don’t take up much space in a suitcase.

1. Keep dirty clothes contained by packing a few laundry bags. Space saver bags pack flat and work great. Simply fill with dirty clothes, seal and roll the air out. You can use the extra room for souvenirs! Be warned that damp clothes mildew fast when sealed so be sure everything is very dry.

2. Mesh cubes help keep a hotel room somewhat tidy by containing shoes, toys or general clutter. They serve as totes to carry stuff back and forth to the beach or pool and easily fold back down at the end of the trip. Slip a couple in the outer compartment of a large suitcase as they are sure to be useful.

3. Antiseptic wipes and bandages for minor mishaps are essential. In a pinch, they also make great entertainment – what kid

Reasons to Pack Your Bags And Travel

Reasons to Pack Your Bags And TravelHolidays are cool in more ways than one. Forest hills, beaches, resorts, any spirited traveler can find new sounds at different locations. The unexplored fun always remains to be exciting and exhilarating. If you are still looking for reasons to pack your bags then:

• Travel for that awesome traveling fun. It makes you alive and makes you proud to be a part of this wonderful world.

• Cultures are not the same everywhere. Watching the same old fashion with only little change in cuts keeps you in the same pace of boredom. Venturing out to other countries from Canada to even Detroit, one can experience different cultures as really an eye opener.

• With 195 official countries in the world you have endless choices. You can go for adventure sports to soothing yoga, chose fun or just total relaxation. A combo of anything will still be a great idea.

• Whatever you are today, travelling will surely change you as a person if you travel for a long time. The happenings and changing world enlightens and builds up your

Tips For Occupying Kids When You Travel

Tips For Occupying Kids When You TravelA major problem for many parents is how to occupy their child when they travel. It can be great to be on a family vacation, but it can be a nightmare getting to wherever it is you’re going on that vacation. Here are some tips to help.

First of all, if you have more than one child, they’ll often amuse each other. Just give them a small tray and a deck of cards or other small games that they can play in the back seat. Another option would be to give them some sort of contest such as asking them who can find the most blue cars in an hour.

If you only have one child, you might want to invite one of their friends along. It can be a great source of fun for them to vacation with a friend. However, it can mean twice the noise and distraction for you, as well as added responsibility. So, that’s a decision that you shouldn’t make hastily.

If you are traveling with only one child, how to amuse that child depends on

Family Fun Travel

Family Fun TravelThe best time for a holiday? Always! Here are ideas where a family can travel, have fun and enjoy quality time spent together!

Kids LIKE: Waterparks

Let’s face it. Waterparks are fun for everyone! No matter how old (or young!) you are, you’re sure to enjoy the cool slides and pools – especially in the summer heat! To enjoy it to the full you must first learn how to swim properly – or you may choose to hang out with the youngest swimmers by the toddler pool!

Kids LIKE: Theme parks

Bored with museums? Thought so! How about a theme park to get your excitement running once again? No, we won’t be scared when at the top of the roller coaster, Mom. (We will be terrified!) But it’s all in he spirit of having the best holiday EVER! Even if there’s the risk of having embarrassing ‘accidents’!

Kids DISLIKE: Churches and/or Cathedrals

Visiting one cathedral is fine… As long s grown ups promise to buy ice-cream later! Looking at paintings and statues of dead people and by dead people is, well, boring.

The Gains From Funny Travelling

The Gains From Funny TravellingIn the old days, anyone who embarks on a journey is sure to get a dose of stories to get by. One always looks forward to traveling because of the stories and also because traveling sometimes makes people experience the things that they never imagined nor expected. Sadly, traveling these days is just stress and silence. Stress from travelling makes people weary, impatient and even forgetful of the concept of fun. Experiences that are enjoyable like funny travel slowly become taboos that no traveler can ever experience. Before this nightmare has become reality, we should examine our attitude towards traveling. It is an activity that is made and practiced supposedly for fun. Being well travelled used to be a good connotation of fun and enjoyment. If only people know the benefits of being happy and joyful towards everything that we do, then maybe there will be no boring and dull moments in life.

If people are having fun, there would be the sound of laughter all around. Laughter is a full expression of happiness and fun. But laughter is not simply a sound that happy

Are You on a Budget Travel Light

Are You on a Budget Travel LightMore often than not, one of the mistakes when taking a vacation is packing a lot of things you don’t need or over packing. Standing in long queues at customs, waiting at baggage claims, or just the effort you exert trying to take account of all your luggage can be exhausting and stressful…and this simply defeats the purpose of your vacation in the first place, which is to relax, unwind, and de-stress.

Nonetheless, the art and science of packing is a skill that can be learned and certainly one which you can master, given time. There are three main things you need to keep in mind when packing for your dream vacation: what to pack, how to pack it, and what to pack it in.

The first thing you should do is to make a packing list of what you need on the upcoming trip. Must-haves include your travel documents (passport, credit cards, and IDs), two changes of clothing, a journal and a pen, and your camera and its charger. If you are taking medications, it is best to have a good

A Short Guide to Having Fun in Italy

A Short Guide to Having Fun in ItalyThe best time to go to Italy could well be, well, anytime. In reality the best time is between April and June as the flood of school holidays hasn’t yet hit the roads, the countryside is at its fullest bloom and the weather isn’t uncomfortably hot yet.

When deciding at which time of the year to go to Italy it may be worth scheduling around a couple of festivals as they are invariably spectacular occasions. Here is a shortlist of the best on offer:

Festa dei Ceri, Umbria in MayIl Palio, Siena in July and AugustCarnevale, Venice in FebruaryFesta di San Gennaro, Naples in DecemberI Candelieri, Sardinia in AugustPalio delle Quattro Antiche Repubbliche Marinare, Venice / Pisa / Amalfe / Genoa in May / JuneProcessione dei Serpari, Abruzzo in MaySa Sartiglia, Sardinia in FebruaryUmbria Jazz, Perugia in JulyIn August prices tend to skyrocket across the country along with the weather, so is best avoided. However, that is not true of the whole of the country. In a country such as Italy the weather is incredibly diverse, ranging from stifling heat in the low-lands of Florence to the snow-capped chills of the Alps and

The Travellers Temperature Tips

The Travellers Temperature TipsMany businessmen, tourists from the USA and UK are going to travel to the countries that use SI system. The base SI unit of temperature used in science is the Kelvin but a change of 1 K is the same as 1 degree of the popular metric unit, the degree Celsius, so both units are used in parallel.

In 1742, a Swedish astronomer, Anders Celsius designed a temperature scale from 0 to 100. The lowest, cold end (0), he affixed for the temperature at which water freezes and the highest (100) for the temperature at which water boils. This scale, known as the centigrade scale became widely spread.To honour Celsius, in 1948, the centigrade was named the degree Celsius. Until the 1970, English speaking countries used the Fahrenheit temperature scale based on affixing 32 for the freezing point of water and 212 for the boiling point of water with the difference between both ends divided into 180 parts (degrees Fahrenheit).

However, due to a convenient, easy to grasp in – every – day – life, the Celsius scale gained popularity and now is commonly used

Tips On Traveling Cheaply

Tips On Traveling CheaplyTip #1 How to travel cheaply

When one thinks about the concept of cheap travel it often conjures up nightmares of unreliable tour packages and cowboy hoteliers. For the unwary, nightmares can indeed become reality, but for the smarter traveller this really needn’t be the case.

The truth of the matter is that with a little forward planning, you’ll find that less can indeed be more in the world of cheap travel and an extra few bucks in your pocket can mean an extra week or two on tour.

The no.1 rule for cheap travel is to do your homework and plan ahead. The biggest costs incurred to the traveller will probably be those of transport and accommodation, and here is where the biggest savings can be made. Booking ahead with budget airlines can save you huge amounts, and be sure to check which days around your time of travel are the cheapest – airlines can adjust prices due to demand and those willing to be flexible with their schedule can reap the rewards.

Accommodation prices can be subject to huge variation

Planning Family Travel

Planning Family TravelTwelve months ago, I had no idea how challenging it was to travel with a toddler. So I really didn’t know what I was in for when we decided to spend the holidays in a cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks with our daughter. Now that we’re home, I thought it might be nice to share some ideas for traveling with toddlers. Despite the fact that we had a few rough moments during our trip, I learned a lot about traveling with my daughter. Now that I know what to do (and what not to do), I’m looking forward to traveling with my daughter. Here you will find some ideas to encourage a smooth journey when traveling with your little one.

Travel While Your Child Sleeps

From our home just outside Kansas City, Kansas to the resort in the Lake of the Ozarks we stayed at, the trip took about four hours. During the first leg of our journey we traveled while our daughter was awake, something I would never advise a parent to do. This leads to the first travel tip: Drive while you’re

Are Your Family Vacations Fun and Relaxing

Are Your Family Vacations Fun and RelaxingHow many of you have seen the classic Chevy Chase movie, “National Lampoon’s Vacations?”

If you haven’t then you should, but if you have (and are probably laughing right now), then you’ll remember the mishaps the Griswold family went through traveling across country to Wally World Theme Park.

Well, family vacations don’t have to be that way. With a little planning, you can ensure little headaches, relaxation, and most important, fun!!

With that being said, here are some top tips for having a great family vacation…

**Plan ahead. Get all the guides, maps, & information you can get your hands on. If you travel with kids, sit down and plan out things to do, see, and so forth. It can be a fun thing to do before you leave and get everyone excited about the trip. For kids, renting movies (Disney, Vacation movies) can be fun also. Although the Griswold’s had a heck of a time and planned ahead, be sure you know what to do in crazy circumstances- have a plan.

**How are you getting there? Taking your

Travel Trailer Ideas

Travel Trailer IdeasWith summer vacation is near, people are starting to prepare for sun and fun. Travel agencies, airlines, resorts and hotels are buzzing with reservation calls from vacationers. If you have gone through with these year-to-year process and they make your vacation less and less exciting, then make this summer a different experience for you and your family – Travel Trailer!

Having a travel trailer can make a big difference to your vacation experience. And not only so, there are other things that travel trailers can offer you. Below are some productive uses of and fun-filled activities you can do with your new travel trailer:

1. INTER-STATE TRAVEL – Instead of the usual trip to the park and camp there, why not take an inter-state trip that will take you days. Instead of staying at hotels, you can use your trailer as your home on the road. The money you will spend on your hotel or travel agent’s commission can be used for the gas and other provisions. Not only you have the freedom to visit places of your choice but also you can camp anytime anywhere

Party Travel Destinations

Party Travel DestinationsI’ve been working in the travel industry for the past 6 years and have been traveling/partying pretty much all of my life. You can pretty much call me an expert on the subject. I have been all over the world and consider the following destinations/parties the wildest and best I have been a part of. 1). Carnival in Salvador, Bahia Brazil 2.) Summer in Ibiza 3.) New Years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4.) Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain 5.) National Beauty Pageant Week in Cartagena, Colombia 6.) Summer in Mykonos, Greece

1. Carnival in Salvador, Bahia Brazil
Brazilians consider Salvador, Bahia as the best and most fun Carnival in the country. The Guinness Book of World Records considers Carnival in Salvador as the biggest street party in the world. Millions of people hit the streets and it’s literally 5 days of chaotic fun. I’ve been traveling to Carnival in Salvador for the past 6 years. It’s definitely the craziest party I have been to. Just imagine millions of people on the streets just going crazy with some of the hottest bands from Brazil playing

Kids Travel Activities For Unplugged Fun

Kids Travel Activities For Unplugged FunUnplugged kids travel activities are the perfect way to use travel time to reconnect as a family. Use the journey to foster learning, enhance imagination, stimulate creativity and work on find motor skills. Research shows that kids today need time away from the screen and travel time is an easy way to encourage new and exciting ways to play. These tips and tricks can show you how to create a travel activity kit that is sure to provide hours of fun.

Word and math games are a fun way to connect with your child and reinforce basic skills. Games like hangman, travel Yahtzee, Sudoku, Twenty-One, and cross word puzzles work well on the plane and give you an opportunity to connect with your children away from the distractions of home. Activity books give kids a chance to mix learning and creativity with a variety of mazes, jumbles and coloring pages. Remember to pack colors and pencils!

Simple craft items like Magic Scratch, lacing cards, wax sticks, stickers and color your own crafts encourage creativity in kids of all ages. Build story telling skills

Best Travel Toys for Hotel Room Fun

Best Travel Toys for Hotel Room FunEvery vacation must include quiet time in the hotel. Whether it is planned breaks or rainy days, you should be prepared. Follow these suggestions for the best travel toys that go beyond the coloring book and offer real fun in a small space.

Things with wheels: All kids like toys with wheels. Pack some small cars, trains, and airplanes to play with in the hotel room. Create obstacle courses for the cars using items found in the hotel or hold contests to see who can get them to go the farthest. These also work well when kids need some alone time.

Crafts: Easy origami, pipe cleaners, stickers and self contained craft kits can provide loads of fun in a room. Make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies for each craft (and avoid anything that requires baking or long drying periods).

Balloons: Burn off some extra energy by playing with balloons in the hotel room. Games like preventing the balloon from touching the floor or volleyball are great fun and will not harm the room.

Beach balls: The

Include Maps When Traveling With Children For Inexpensive Fun

Include Maps When Traveling With Children For Inexpensive FunMake every trip an adventure when traveling with kids by using maps. A variety of maps can add interest and learning to every trip.

On the Road:

– Find a map that includes both the start of the trip and the destination and have the children locate both spots and highlight the route in between. Older children can use the legend to determine how many miles the trip is and how long it should take. Have them check their answer on-line.

– Auto club members can request free maps and route information from their local branch. Using this information, let the kids pick a few fun pitstops along the way.

– Pack a variety of maps so when the “Are we there yet?” whines start from the back seat, you can pass them out and have the kids figure out where they are on the map.


– Give the kids a destination map and have them locate the hotel on the map (this is fun on a long plane ride). Keep one map clean –